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4. If you’re happy with our offer, we’ll book an appointment for you to bring your car along.

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What happens at an appointment?

You'll meet one of our friendly vehicle buyers who will do an on-site inspection, check your car against the details you've supplied, take it for a test drive and confirm the vehicle details.

If you decide to sell your car we will complete the paperwork and arrange for the money to be paid in to your bank account. If not, you're under no obligation to sell to us.

The whole process should take no longer than 20 minutes.

If you decide to sell your car to us there would be a transaction fee of £49.99

Terms and Conditions apply.


Once we have carried out an on-site inspection of a car, we will offer to buy the car for a price. Any offer to buy the car may only be accepted by you, and a contract will only be made between us if and when you sign our standard written purchase contract. The Contract will be subject to these terms and conditions and will not contain any other standard terms or conditions. When a Contract is made, we will expect you to hand us the keys, the registration document, any service history that may be available, any MOT certificate, any user manuals, and any accessories there may be such as a locking wheel nut, radio fascia or remote controls, and to remove all personal possessions from the Car.


Once you have handed over the Car in accordance with the above, we will pay you the Price for the Car, less the amount of any transaction fee, by electronic transfer to a bank account of your choice.

If the Price is £125.00 or more, a transaction fee will be deducted from the Price, there is a transaction fee of £49.95.

Our standard means of payment is by BACS which takes 4-5 working days, after the day of sale, to arrive in your account. For an additional fee of £29.95 we can provide you with the option of receiving a payment the same day (Before 3pm).


If we buy a Car from you, we will be relying upon your representation that:

1. You are legally capable of entering into a binding contract to sell the Car;

2. You are at least 18 years old; and

3. To the best of your knowledge , information and belief:

4. You are the sole owner of the Car;

5. Other than in respect of any finance outstanding on the Car which you have disclosed to us, no person has any claim to the Car;

6. The mileage reading on the Car is true and accurate and the odometer has not been tampered with;

7. You have disclosed to us all matters which a prudent purchaser would want to know about, such as physical defects in the Car (e.g. if it has any material mechanical problems or damage);

8. All information supplied by you in respect of the Car (whether in obtaining a valuation at any Appointment or otherwise) is true and accurate in all respects; and

9. The Car is registered in the UK.


We may agree to purchase the Car even though it is the subject of a finance arrangement between you and a third party (Finance Agreement), provided that we receive a written statement of the amount required to settle the Finance Agreement in full from the third party.

We will only pay to a third party such sum as we agree with you in writing. We will make such payment as soon as is reasonably practicable after we enter into the Contract and following receipt of any sum due from you under the condition set out below.

If the Price is:

1. higher than the settlement figure required to fully settle any sum outstanding under any Finance Agreement we will pay you the difference; or

2. lower than the settlement figure required to fully settle any sum outstanding under any Finance Agreement you must pay us the difference.

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