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If your car is new or you're operating on a budget, then our Bronze servicing option will cover the basic requirements for keeping your car functioning smoothly. We replace the engine oil and oil filter and carry out brake and gearbox fluid checks etc.
A More in-depth service than our Bronze option, our Silver car service will take into account the condition of your brakes, condition and pressure of your tyres, amongst a number of other standard car maintenance services.
This is the comprehensive car servicing option. On top of all the tests and checks done for the Silver service, we conduct a number of important checks on the wear and tear of the car, from suspension reviews to spark plug replacement.
Gold Plus Car Servicing (Major) To keep your car in optimum condition and, hopefully, avoiding any hefty unexpected bills, we recommend this option.
Gold Plus Extra (Major & MOT) This is our premium vehicle servicing option and goes into so much depth that we also carry out your annual Vosa MOT Test.
Get ready for winter with our Winter Service Check. We'll makes sure we check and top up your anti-freeze. engine oil, brake fluid, and screenwash. We'll also check the condition of your tyres, exterior lights. horn, window wipers and blades, and the condition of your battery. And we'll also make sure you have one of our FREE WINTER CAR KITS in your car. Winter Kit contains: Ice scraper, windscreen de-icer, and screen wash additive.
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Advanced Formula Engine Flush will provide the following benefits: Clean engines internally and provide anti-wear protection Free sticking piston rings, hydraulic valve lifters and variable valve timing systems Remove lacquer, varnish and sludge deposits from the crankcase Neutralise crankcase acids, keeping new oil cleaner, for longer Affordable FastFit recommend that engines are flushed with Advanced Formula Engine Flush at each service.
Advanced Formula Petrol Treatment will provide the following performance benefits to all petrol engines. Free sticking valves and piston rings Reduce exhaust emissions Maintain oxygen sensor and EGR valve cleanliness Improve engine performance and driveability Advanced Formula Petrol Treatment should be used at each service or whenever symptoms indicate that treatment is necessary.
Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment is a multi-functional diesel fuel treatment which will provide the following performance benefits to all diesel engines: Reduce black smoke emissions Restore injector spray patterns Improve engine performance and response Maintain EGR valve and variable vane turbo cleanliness Lubricate and extend the life of injectors and fuel pump. Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment cleans and lubricates the whole of the fuel system both pre and post-combustion. It improves overall engine power and efficiency, as well as considerably reducing costly down time and component replacement in direct and indirect injection engines..
VOSA MOT TEST FOR CAR. We'll also carry out a Free pre MOT inspection and advise you if your car requires any work prior to Testing.
Allow us to collect your car, carry out the service and delivery it back to your door. No need to leave your house or office.
Subject to availability we can arrange for you to have one of our courtesy cars whilst we carry out your cars service
Let us give your car a professional exterior wash. We'll Hot Pressure wash away the Traffic dirt from the body, glass and under the arches, before giving the car a hot hand wax shampoo.
A great way to keep your car looking fresh and clean. We'll Exterior Wash your car, before dry vacuuming the interior floors and seats, cleaning, wiping down, and polishing the drivers area plastics, and finally cleaning and polishing the interior windows, emptying all ashtrays and removing any debris.

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